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We believe at BODY AWARENESS that wellness is measured by your Aliveness. This Aliveness is measured by your connection to life, and how well you are creating your life. Do you feel truly good about your accomplishments, relationships, the current state of being, and your body? If you do not feel confident that the answer is ‘yes,’ it is time to join our balanced body training in Atlanta, GA, where we focus on breath work and balancing energy, wellness consultation, and wellness reports.
The wellness tools used in our balanced body classes are based upon 20 years of personal practice and research. Our love for learning more about life has led us to better understand how we may create freedom or suffering at any given time. To learn, one must listen and be witness to the truth, which lives in the heart. Your balanced body instructor will show you how to strengthen both the physical and metaphysical bodies, and experience more freedom and connection in your life.
Our wellness services are designed to give you new ways of understanding your current life path, while making simple changes that give you more of what you really want out of life. Our balanced body therapy is a unique offering comprised of lessons, workshops, and physical therapy. With our professional, experienced specialists guiding you every step of the way, you will be helped to align your body, open your heart, educate your mind, and activate your spirit.
The body holds secrets about our inner selves. During our wellness program, we teach you to listen to your body’s wisdom. 

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